Second hand cars

According to the second-hand online market report, sales in the passenger and light commercial vehicle market increased by 6 percent in October compared to September. Vehicle prices, on the other hand, rose 5.4 percent.

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New and used car markets have been experiencing constant developments against the citizens for a long time. While those who have savings or those who want to invest try to prevent their money from being stamped by buying a car, on the other hand, “how can so many people buy a car if the economy is bad?” are the subject of their determination. sekurigi

In the shadow of all these different views, different increases occur in the vehicle market. According to Indicata’s second-hand online market report, sales in the passenger and light commercial vehicle market increased by 6 percent in October compared to September and reached 121,149. In the report, it is seen that vehicle prices increased by 5.4 percent.

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According to the report, which determined that passenger cars and light commercial vehicles are on sale with a share of 82 percent in second-hand online sales, vehicle sales decreased by 42 percent this year compared to October last year. According to January-October 2020 data, this decrease was 27 percent. In October, 239,319 vehicles were released to the second-hand online passenger and light commercial market, and 51 percent of them were sold. It was stated that the number of these vehicles was 12 percent less than last month. malla espaldera

In the last 10 months of 2021, 2 million 970 thousand 762 vehicle advertisements were published in the second-hand online market, and 44 percent of them were sold.

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Looking at the engine type of the vehicles in the market, it is seen that 76 thousand 372 diesel vehicles were sold in October, or 63.04 percent. Diesels are followed by gasoline with a share of 34.12 percent and hybrid cars with a share of 1.21 percent. While the share of autogas vehicles is 1.12 percent, electric cars have a sales rate of 0.51 percent. Looking at the best-selling vehicle segment in October, there is the C segment with 39,921 units.

According to the result obtained by examining the most sold brands and models in the second-hand market and looking at the price changes of 39 thousand 105 advertisements, there was a 5.44 percent price increase in the second-hand online passenger and light commercial vehicle market compared to the previous month. When compared to the last 10 months of 2021, a 13.8% price increase was determined. It was also stated in the report that this data was obtained by considering all unpublished ads as ‘sold’.

Glen de Vries, a 49-year-old businessman who participated in Blue Origin’s space travel last month and was one of the first civilian passengers to go to space, died in a plane crash in New Jersey, USA.

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Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin company sent civilian passengers into space with a rocket launched from a desert in Texas last month, and after traveling for about 10 minutes, they returned to Earth. Among these passengers was William Shatner, who played the legendary character of Star Trek, Captain James T Kirk.

The crew, which went down in history as one of the first civilian crews to go on a space journey, included Audrey Powers, vice president of Blue Origin, Chris Boshuizen, co-founder of the satellite company Planet, and William Shatner, known for his role as Captain Kirk, as well as 49-year-old businessman Glen de Vries. Vries died in a plane crash.

Glen de Vries, a 49-year-old businessman, who was one of the first civilian passengers to go to space by participating in space travel with the Blue Origin company of billionaire businessman Jeff Bezos last month, died in a plane crash in New Jersey, USA. As the co-founder of one of the most used clinical research platforms in the world, Vrise was piloting as a hobby besides his job.

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Another 54-year-old person who was on the plane with Glen de Vries died in the accident. Sharing the death of Glen de Vries, Blue Origin said, “We were devastated when we heard of Glen de Vries’ sudden death. He added energy to the Blue Origin team and his teammates. His passion for aviation, his dedication to charity and his profession will be respected and admired.”


Intel CEO

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger said in a program he attended that they would make better processors than Apple to win back.

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger answered Ina Fried’s questions as a guest on the new episode of Axios on HBO. Speaking on an incoming question, Gelsinger made a series of statements on Apple’s transition to its own specially designed silicon chips instead of Intel’s Core processors in the Mac series.


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Asked by Fried whether Intel has any plans to reclaim the Mac in the future, Gelsinger said that they had stumbled a bit lately and that Apple had done a pretty good job with the M1 processors. However, he shared that over time, the company plans to take over the market share of Macs, surpassing the success of M1 chips.

In a meeting with Fried, a correspondent for Axios, Gelsinger said that Intel will gain great momentum in chip making and will make him forget the stumbling block he has experienced in the past. He stated that the company aims to regain its market share in consumer electronics, especially in the Mac and laptop market, thanks to the new generation processors they will produce.

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Things started to change after AMD announced its processors based on the Zen architecture during the New Horizon summit on December 13, 2016. With the 1st generation Ryzen 1000 series, which was first released in 2017, the company started to expand its market share by offering the same performance from Intel in gaming and business computers at an affordable price.

On the one hand, AMD, which stands out with its graphics cards in consoles such as PlayStation, on the other hand, began to take the laptop market from Intel with its 2nd generation and later Ryzen series processors. With the 5000 series introduced this year, it strengthened its position in the market. Intel, which has had a tumultuous period especially in the last 3 years, aims to continue the competition and dominate the market again in the coming years, together with Pat Gelsinger, who took office in 2021.

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12th generation Core processor attack from Intel
Continuing its presence in the market with its 11th generation processors, Intel can soon start to make up for what it has lost. Leaks about the Core i5-12600K processor have already started. The 12th generation chips, code-named Alder Lake, aim for higher levels in terms of performance.

According to the information revealed, the i5-12600K processor will appear with 20 MB of L3 caches. The processor, which is expected to accelerate to 4.6 GHz on average, will be able to increase its dual cores to 4.9 GHz. In the graphics performance tests, the i5-12600K, which takes Nvidia’s RTX 3080 family with it, manages to score 20 percent higher than AMD’s latest counterpart, the Ryzen 5 5600X processor.

Apple is expected to introduce the new MacBook series at its event on the evening of October 18. However, rather than these devices, there will be processors that are expected to be called M1X or M2. Intel is not expected to get ahead of the M series anytime soon. But today we will see whether the gap is starting to close or open.

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Today, painkillers are often used to reduce chronic pain. However, these drugs also bring many side effects apart from treatment. Scientists have discovered a new method to replace painkillers with no side effects.
Many people try to cope with chronic pain in their daily life. The most commonly used method to prevent this chronic pain that destroys the quality of life is to use painkillers. Painkillers can cause habit, addiction or many ailments as well as treatment. Swedish scientists have found a way to reduce pain without side effects. Thanks to this method, the end of painkillers can come to an end.

In the article published in Science Advances, the side-free Lund Method to be used in the treatment of chronic pain was introduced.

It has proven to be a pain reliever with no side effects. Pain can be related to many physical and mental problems. The most common method of pain relief is the use of medication. These pain relievers often bring with them many side effects. In addition, problems such as acquiring addiction and addiction to the drug are also encountered. However, it has been proven that the newly discovered Lund Method does not cause any side effects. The research team also stated that they managed to control pain without affecting any motor skills or sensory systems during the treatment, and that the method was extremely safe.

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The method was tested on mice and was successful. Matilde Forni, one of the researchers, stated that the human brain is very similar to that of mice, and this method can also be applied to humans. Professor of Neurophysiology Jens Schouenborg, who is involved in the research, stated that this technique can be used in all parts of the brain. Considering this, it is thought that it can bring to the end of many ailments other than pain. Professor Schouenborg; Parkinson predicts that it can also be used in the solution of ailments such as epilepsy and depression.