Muhavere (Conversation): This section starts with the introduction speech of Kavuklu
and Pişekar, in which they are familiar with each other. The fact that Kavuklu and Pişekar

misunderstand each other’s words creates a humorous joke, which is called Ardbar. After
the arzbâr, the rhyme begins. In the nursery rhyme, Kavuklu tells Pişekar about an
extraordinary event that has happened to him. Pişekar listens to this as if it were real, and in

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the end it is understood that it is a dream.• Fasıl (Game): The main part of the play is the
chapter in which a certain event is reenacted. Midgame chapters usually unfold in two
parallel series of events. Kavuklu usually looks for a job in the events that develop in the

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shop decor. Events develop when Pişekar finds him a job. There are also games about
various customers coming and going into the shop. The second series of events takes place
in the home decor called the new world.

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Events develop as the Zenne team searches for a
house through Pişekar and settles in a house.• End: It is the last part of the game. Pişekar

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apologizes to the audience and announces the name and location of the next play. He closes
the play. The main plays of the middle play, which is one of the important spectacles of the
traditional Turkish folk theater, are as follows: Neighborhood Raid, Tailor’s Play, Printer’s

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Play, Sorcerer Hodja. Photographer, Turkish Bath, Tahir and Zühre, Castle Game, Marketers,
Fountain, Observatory. Double Baths, Shoemaker, Eskici Abdi.Karagöz is a shadow play. This
game is based on the projection of some figures (human, animal, plant, object, etc.) cut fromclimaxautoglas

leather and called depictions on a backlit white screen.It is rumored that shadow play first
originated in China (2nd century BC) or India. Evliya Çelebi, on the other hand, states that
Karagöz and Hacivat are real people who lived during the reign of Anatolian Seljuk Ruler

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Alaaddin Keykubat (13th century).According to a rumor among the people, Karagöz and
Hacivat were workers who worked in the construction of a mosque in Bursa during the reign
of Sultan Orhan (14th century). They were killed by Sultan Orhan because the witty
conversations between the two distracted the other workers. Later, Sheikh Küster played

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the leather-made depictions of Hacivat and Karagöz and repeated their jokes. For this
reason, the Karagöz curtain is also called Küster Square. This game, which started to be
mentioned in the 11th century in the Islamic world, was called Hayal-i zili (shadow dream). In
the 19th century, Karagöz was briefly referred to as a dream game, and the artists who
played this game were called imaginary (dreamers, Karagöz players). Karagöz play is a
common product of folk culture. It is not clear who regulated the various topics covered in
these plays. Since Karagöz is based on a tuluat, each artist arranges the words of the play

according to himself during the play. Karagöz plays began to be written down in the 19th
century. Parts of Karagöz play: • Mukaddime (Introduction): It is the beginning part of the
play. The music starts before the image appears on the screen. Then an image is given in
accordance with the subject. Hacivat Of… hey, Haak! and starts the curtain gazel by saying. •
Muhavere (Conversation): It takes place between Karagöz and Hacivat. Muhavere is divided


into two sections: These are the sections related to the chapter and the sections that are not
related to the chapter. In Muhavere alone, Hacivat and Karagöz play a game. This game
starts with the narration of an event that will not happen before, then it is understood that it
is a dream.• Chapter (Game): It is the game itself. Other actors from Hacivat and Karagöz

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appear in the chapter. Karagöz plays are usually named after the content of this section.•
End: This section is very short. Karagöz announces that the game is over, apologizes for
mistakes, and announces the next game. A short conversation takes place between